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Starr’s Writings

Quit ‘Should-ing’ on Yourself

I started writing for The Journey Magazine around 2001 (I believe) and continued to write featured articles, the Dreamweaver column, and Planetary Pathways the Astrology column for close to nine years. I enjoyed an eclectic career writing for The Journey magazine until it was time to devote more time to my California endeavors.

I took a little break and then returned back to my passion and am now again writing forThe Journey Magazine which now includes my new column Soul Food. Go to Soul Food for the exclusive Soul Food columns.

Here are some of the archives of my articles for The Journey Magazine. I don’t have the first years but I will take you back to 2003.


Year  Theme                      Title

2012  Gurus                       The Guru is You

2011  Remembering            A Remembrance of Things Past
2011  Choices                     If You’re Going to Sit, Then Sit

2011  Angels                       Doreen Virtue Interview

2011  Rebirth                      Are You Ready to Shed Your Skin?

2011  Truth                         The Whole Truth & Nothing But the Truth

2009  Listening                    Lessons from the Owl

2009  Courage                     Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

2009  Courage                     The Color of Courage

2008  In the Moment            First Hit Pause, Then Stop, Then Play

2008  The Future                 Caroline Myss Interview

2008  The Future                 Which Lane Are You In?

2008  The Past                    Row, Row, Row Your Boat

2008  The Heart & the Mind   Who’s on First?

2008  Awakening                  The Looking Glass

2008  Love                          The Greatest Love Affair

2007  Teachers                    Are You a Chicken or an Eagle?

2007  GOD                          What Would You Say?

2007  Transition                   Let Go of Your Blankie

2007  Forgiveness                A Spoonful of Poison

2007  The Flow                    Ride the Wave

2007  Awareness                  To Be Aware That You Are Not Aware

2006  Trust                          No Rhyme or Reason

2006  Balance                      The Oxygen Mask

2006  Connecting the Dots     Six People Away

2006  Inspiration                  Ask an Angel

2006  Surrender                   From Caesars Palace to the Emerald City

2006  Diversity                     Life is a Horse Race

2005  Intuition                     Banana Bread or Chocolate Mousse?

2005  Fear                          A Four Letter Word

2005  Living Your Purpose      You Cannot Teach a Crab to Walk Straight

2005  Being Present              If You Can’t Be with the One You Love…

2005  Devotion                    How Do You Score?

2005  Freedom                     It’s Your Movie

2004  Discipline                    The Dreaded “D” Word

2004  Clarity                        Through Rose Colored Glasses

2004  Passion                       Somewhere Between Peter Pan & Louis Pasteur

2004  Commitment                The Chicken & the Pig

2004  Seeds                        Dandelions or Roses

2004  Unity                         I Am the Sea

2003  Change                      Merry-Go-Round or Roller Coaster