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Starr Scopes

Eva Starr, Astrologer and Planetary Pathways columnist for The Journey Magazine  has a special place in her heart for the Moon being a Cancer,and will enlighten you of the many aspects of this silvery luminous ball in the sky. Her Aries Rising comes to the forefront with her zest for Life, and her fiery enthusiasm. Her Leo Moon will captivate and entertain you, while her sensitive Cancer Sun will warm your heart. She is available for speaking engagements and lectures. Contact her or 440-930-8865.


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Starr Scopes

April: New Moon in Aries April 18, 2:57pm

Full Moon in Libra April 4, 8:06am

May: New Moon in Taurus May 18, 12:13am

Full Moon in Scorpio May 3, 11:42pm

June: New Moon in Gemini June 16, 10:05am

  Full Moon in Sagittarius June 2, 12:19pm

Mercury Retrograde: May 18, 9:49pm/Direct: June 11, 6:33pm


Spring Spring starts off with the Sun & Mercury in the sign of the Ram, it’s time to tap into your creative side, oh yeah you have one, just slow down long enough to let those juices flow, spurring the Ram onto new ideas…since you like taking the lead in just about everything you do, follow suit with whatever new ideas are bouncing around that head of yours, use that brain power while Mercury is there, then market it, so the whole world can feast their eyes upon the leader of the pack, the Ram


Spring – The Bull may be experiencing spring fever being cooped up in that Bull Pen of yours, feeling a little lethargic, depressed are we? It’s time to be honest with yourself, go for a walk, the flowers are blooming, talk to the birds & God’s little creatures, and figure out what’s going on inside that head of yours…Venus, Mercury & Mars start off in your sign, then the Sun comes to center stage mid-spring, get your head together because it looks like you’ve got some visitors coming to your door, be true to yourself


Spring – The Twins are in for a little excitement this spring with Mercury going Retrograde in your sign, early May until mid-June, but that never bothered the Twins, you’re always up for the more the merrier when it comes to throwing a communication party, just keep an eye on planes, trains, & automobiles and dot your i’s & cross your t’s, & remember re-flect on the beauty all around you, don’t get too wrapped up in your technical toys that you forget tosmell the roses, let that inner beauty blossom also


Spring – The Crab is one of the most tenacious of the Zodiac bunch, so quit doing that sideways crab walk of yours & face your fears & move forward fearlessly into the unknown, your blessed with intuition for a reason, use it, follow your gut & move toward your heart’s desire aligning yourself with your integrity, the Heavens are guiding you every step of the way, if you’re having trouble hearing their messages, get yourself outdoors and let nature be your meditative muse, the answers are there, take a risk


Spring – Whatever was throwing a monkey wrench in that Jungle of yours this past winter is being resolved, don’t try & figure out the how, just say thank you. It’s time to take the throne again proudly like only a Lion/Lioness can do and roar, you’ve got a few more months left with Jupiter in Leo so take full advantage and make hay while the Sun shines, you have more than one reason to smile this spring, new opportunities are heading your way, whether it’s a new addition to the Jungle, or a healing, smile your heart away


Spring – It’s not the easiest thing in the world for a Virgo to relax and not worry or fret over anything and everything, however, this spring make peace of mind your priority. Whatever it takes, commit to the steps that ensure your sanity and living a stress-free life. Get plenty of exercise, watch your diet, you’re the health conscious one of the Zodiac, strive for letting peace be your motto this spring, relax help others, stay connected to positive people, surrender your cares to the Universe, and ease up on yourself


Spring – The Libran is usually one of the more tranquil signs of the Zodiac, trying to keep the peace wherever it shines it’s light, well it’s time for you to kick up your heels, winter is behind you, come out of that comfort zone and celebrate. Your soul is longing for an adventure, call your friends, you’ve got plenty of them, and go do something wild, throw a party, sing, dance, shout to the world, be exuberant, fill your life and those around you with joy, then you can bring those scales back to balance


Spring – OK Scorpio you’ve been hiding in that cave of yours long enough, the deep-freeze is over, it’s safe for you to return to the world above ground. We know you prefer the secret world of the underground, but there is no need for your worries, Heaven’s got your back, not to mention you’ve got plenty of unseen forces out there in the Universe who are constantly watching over you, come out from the darkness, you are in good hands and can put that stinger away, it won’t be necessary, breathe the fresh air


Spring –The Centaur, one of the luckiest signs of the Zodiac, with Jupiter, the most expansive planet being your ruler, affectionately known as the “Santa Claus of the Zodiac” is in your corner. Spring brings with it an abundance ofhappily ever after. Stop fretting & worrying over what you have no control over. Everything is being taken care of,stay in the present while aiming your bow & arrow on the bulls eye, you’re known for taking risks & those risks paying off, this is no different, relax & enjoy the prize


Spring – Family matters come to the surface this spring for the Goat, but seeing as how you are one of the most diplomatic signs of the Zodiac, you’ll no doubt rise above any issues and bring harmony to the table of gathered ones in your circle. Whether it’s your immediate family, here on Earth or Heaven, or your extended family, now that healing is taking place, and your relationships are going through a transformative process of rebirth, bringing laughter, joy, and frivolity to all, something that Goat surely could use


Spring – The Aquarian has no problem creating happy times; if there’s none up for grabs, you’ll just invent some. Spring is blossoming into good times for you & yours, and the expression everything’s coming up roses, could be your theme song. Enjoy all the goodness the Universe is showering upon you, live, love and laugh, while you share the joy with humanity, and think about the next cause you’re getting ready to crusade for, the world is waiting for you to beat to that drummer that only you can hear, spread the joy


Spring – Looks like all that good mojo going on with the aforementioned signs is spreading it’s joy in the Fish’s pond…whatever you’ve got swimming around in your little corner of the world is also being looked after. If siblings, parents or children have your concern, pull up a fishing stool and relax by the waters while you surrender all your cares & woes to the beneficent almighty Universe, bait that hook, let the spring breezes blow some healing & harmony your way, let the waters calm you, it’s already healed

Eva Starr’s love for Astrology, inherent in her since childhood, is still a growing passion today. Visit her,, and her new Contact her at for astrological charts and her new book.