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Being a single mom at two different times in my life, the first time for 10 years,and now going on 17 years, while raising two girls, I can sure stretch a dollar from here to Kalamazoo and back. I’ve been up, down and all around the financial merry-go-round. I’ve felt the humiliation of standing in a welfare line, (long before they cleaned up the buildings and the program)…the embarrassment of using food stamps at your local grocery store praying to God that NO ONE recognizes you…and the pain of having to say “no” to a child that wants a certain thing. I also know the sounds of a teenager saying “peanut butter and jelly, I had that yesterday”…and I know only too well what it’s like to eat a mayonnaise and lettuce sandwich (actually if you eat it on whole grain bread with an avocado it’s pretty good). Does any of this sound familiar?

Well, I’m here to tell you I learned a lot from those days. After reading just about every book that was written on the subject of Prosperity and attending every seminar and workshop from coast to coast on the secrets of prosperity; I can say I got a pretty good handle on it now. The tides still come in and still go out, but nothing like the days when “hunger” echoed through the walls of my world.

The summer before last, I attended a week long Master Teacher Prosperity Training in Mentone, Alabama at Edwene Gaines retreat center. I’ve heard Edwene speak several times before at my church and was thoroughly mesmerized by her candidness and her enthusiasm regarding the topic of Prosperity. I also walked on fire for the first time in my life at that Prosperity training. When I left there I could’ve flown without the plane I was on such a high. When I arrived home I went out & brought a brand new car.

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