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Quit ‘Should-ing’ on Yourself

All her life, Eva Starr knew she had an intuition beyond that of most people. In the decades since she started studying dreams, Starr has amassed a sizable library and has attended dozens of formal and informal lectures by pioneers in this field. She is passionate about dream analysis, and promises that one can learn much more about one’s self by using the various techniques mentioned in this expose’.

“Dreams come to us so that we can heal ourselves. They exist to teach us. If something comes to you in a dream,then you need to deal with that issue, whatever it maybe. We are always prepared to handle whatever it is that we need to address. You don’t dream anything you cannot truly handle,” Starr said. (more…the entire press article


While Starr dedicated her time to helping people through her social work, today she devotes all of her time to helping people spiritually.

Starr has always dabbled in the spiritual/metaphysical world and has always been intrigued by it, she said. What started out as a hobby for the Avon Lake resident soon became a way of life when about a year ago, she left her job as an office day manager at the Savannah Bar and Grill in Westlake and made the metaphysical realm her full time focus.

“I studied everything I could possible study in the metaphysical field,” Starr said. “Last April, I quit my day job and turned everything over to the universe.”

Today, Starr specializes in several areas of spirituality. Most recently, Starr’s focus has been her 14-week long Louise Hay workshops, which she has been teaching for the past four years. Louise Hay wrote “You Can Heal Your Life” in the ‘80s, which is based on the theory that individuals are responsible for their own reality and that people make themselves sick by having thoughts of self-hatred. Interested in Hay’s theory, in 2001, Starr took an intensive course in San Diego and became certified to teach Hay’s work.

“I get an immense amount of satisfaction from helping people transform their lives,” Starr said. “They bring me to tears by their openness and willingness to learn. It’s gratifying to look into a room and see from week one to 14 how they have transformed.” (more…the entire article)


It begins with the written word, then the spoken word…