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Past Life Regression

     Past Life Regression 

 In the course of my life I’ve lost five boyfriends (and two husbands) through sudden    death. No I’m not the Black Widow, more of a Wayfarer. These people didn’t die because  they met me…they met me because it was their time. A Wayfarer is someone who paves the way for you to cross over and enlightens your path so your journey is a smooth one. This may come as a shock to some of you but from an early age I’ve understood that my purpose here on the planet was just a little bit outside of the box. Although I’ve come to understand my purpose on this planet of ours…losing so many people I was very close to is still a little unnerving to say the least. A search for answers led me to my intensive training with Dick Sutphen (the master of Past Life Regression Hypnosis) during the summer of 2005. After studying with Dick I not only understood my own situation but am now certified to help you unlock the mysteries of your own soul as well. I have worked with many clients in helping them unlock the hidden secrets that lie deep within the soul. My experience with Past Life Regression Hypnosis has awakened in me a deeper understanding and knowledge of the complexities of the human psyche and the healing possibilities associated with it.

What Past Life Regression Can Do for You:

  • Unlock the door to past lives; open up the key to understanding your current life situations
  • Past life regression is a safe and powerful way to identify with influences from our present and past lives that affect how we operate today
  • Resolve issues dealing with fears, phobias, relationship difficulties, health problems, and blockages in areas such as prosperity and creativity
  • Safely release blockages from the past, emerging with a fresh sense of courage and freedom
  • Awaken with feelings of renewed enthusiasm for life; take the world by storm unleashing burdens of the past
  • Work with Higher Self, your angels, and spirit guides on a level where there is no judgment, just unconditional love allowing the healing to take place.
  • Merge your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual being into a whole new found level of enlightenment
  • Finally, be able to let go of the guilt and forgive yourself and others as a way to begin the healing process

Begin today to unlock the mysteries of your soul. For more information on Past Life Regression contact Eva Starr or 440-930-8865.

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