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Life Coaching – Louise Hay

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Featured writer and columnist for The Journey magazine, Eva’s spiritual journey has taken her coast-to-coast studying the various schools of thought. Trained and certified in San Diego, CA to teach the works of Louise Hay globally, she has also spoken at The Mind, Body, and Soul EXPO for the last five years and has recently relocated  her own business Reach for the Moon to San Diego.

Life Coaching is a one-on-one interaction between myself and you, based on the works some of the world’s greatest masters which I have studied under combined with my own life experiences and knowledge. We work together to discover the obstacles preventing you from obtaining all the health, wealth, love and everything else God intended you to have in your life while empowering you to learn these tools yourself.

I had just finished reading Louise Hay’s book and then heard Eva was doing a treasure mapping class…just 3 days later one of the things on my dream board (treasure map) materialized…

then I heard Eva was a certified Louise Hay practitioner, I was so excited I wanted to work with her one on one and have her as my coach…I must say I’ve worked with other coaches before but Eva is my favorite

she is very intuitive and really listens to what I am saying, and puts all the pieces together for me like a puzzle…she pulled stuff out of me that was so buried I wasn’t even aware of them…every week I got a new ah ha about myself…

the most exciting thing is less than five weeks with Eva’s guidance I bought my dream car, it was exactly what I wanted right down to the color…the processes she took me through were powerful and amazing…so if you’re thinking of working with a coach, I highly recommend Eva

wait no longer Eva will help you get where you want to go and you’ll have fun getting there…

thank you so  much Eva for coming into my life.

Forever grateful, Fatima Bosma,San Diego, CA

LIFE COACHING: Make the Choice that will Change your Life…

You may NOT be ready to hear this…Life Coaching is NOT for everyone…unless you are ready to take 100% responsibility for your life!

Answer these questions below:

If you answered YES to at least ONE of these questions…then what are you waiting for??? It’s time to TAKE BACK YOUR LIFE! Quit giving your power over to other people…give up blame & take on accountability…reclaim your power. Stop worrying about what “OTHER” people think! Following your own path & staying true to yourself is one of the hardest things you’ll ever do…but you’ll feel damn good you did it! I’ve never been one to do “the right thing” who wrote the book on the “right thing” anyway! Instead of reading the book “this is what society or your family says you should do”…come on over to my neighborhood…and follow the lead from “what you think of me is none of my business.” You’ll wake up & go to bed loving yourself for believing in your own heart!

One-on-One Life Coaching or Phone Consultations: For more info on fees & availability email or 440-930-8865.

  • Do you do what other people think you should do…instead of following your own truth?
  • Are you afraid to follow your own dreams because it’s safe where you are?
  • Are you a people pleaser, pleasing everyone but yourself?
  • Do you have a secret ambition but somebody told you “NO” you can’t do that?  
  • Are you still carrying around your parents beliefs about prosperity?
  • Do you think it is humble to be poor?
  • Do you go to the doctor more than once every “2” years?
  • Are you on prescription meds?
  • Do your children, spouse or boss run the show?
  • Are you in a dysfunctional relationship?
    • Highlights from the 3-Day Reclaim Your Life Workshop
    • The Benefits you will receive after listening to this 80 minute CD are:
      • You will finally “do” something about your life using these time-tested tips
      • Replacing your Shoulds with Coulds &
        • Getting Rid of Half Your Stress & Making Coulds Work for You
      • Understand CHOICE
        • How to use it SUCCESSFULLY in Your Life
      • Releasing Damaging Patterns from your Past
        • Releasing Beliefs that no longer Serve You
      • Understand The Secrets to Forgiveness
        •  Become FREE once & for all to allow Prosperity into your Life
      • Relaiming your Power…Taking Back Your Life
        • Become Empowered by Letting Go of the Blame Game
      • …and How to Love Yourself & Be OK with yourself when you don’t
        • Say Good-bye to Guilt & Hello to Self-Worth

Here’s what others have to say about their experience with Eva as their Life Coach!

“I can honestly say that until I took your Louise Hay Day class I wasted about fifty years of my life choking on my anger, full of hatred and the need for revenge. It consumed every hour of every day of my life. When I wasn’t planning my revenge, I was planning my suicide. You taught me that there really is a way to forgive the unforgivable. I was extremely skeptical but you taught me how to move on and actually live my life. Thanks to you Eva and your class I have found a peace that, I didn’t think existed, which in itself was a new experience for me. Thank you for giving me back my life! God Bless.” — PE
“…I have been seeing a therapist for many years, but the work I did with you helped me more than anything I have ever done. Thanks!” — NB 

“Eva thank you for coming into my life…so many of my friends are so intrigued about the changes in me, so I have been spreading your name, I hope you don’t mind. I am going to miss Mondays with you…Doors are closing, and opening as well… this year has been a milestone for me, I am blessed to know you.” — EB

“…I miss you and our class….thank you for being who you are and for sharing your insight with me and your other students, you are truly gifted. Take care & God Bless.” — MR