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  • Mars moves into Cancer until July 20th
  • Venus transits from Aries to Taurus
  • Mercury enters Gemini
  • Full Moon in Sagittarius
  • Jupiter turns direct in Libra

This Friday’s Full Moon (known as the Strawberry Moon or the Honey Moon) reaches it’s peak of fullness at 19* Sagittarius opposing the Gemini Sun at 9:09am (EDT). Saturn is making a favorable aspect to the Sun/Moon opposition, while Neptune and Pluto have other ideas. My suggestion to you would be to use this Full Moon energy to heal and transform, learn from the negativity that has not only been hitting the globe but our personal lives as well.

Let the negative stuff go, release it from your mind, thought patterns, home, work place and your relationships. I highly suggest doing a cleansing of mind, body and soul, along with your home. Buy some smudge (sage, cedar) a candle (white is good), and smudge the dickens out of your environment Thursday evening or early Friday morning. While doing your ritual repeat “I release and let go of all and any negative thought patterns, beliefs, people, places and things that no longer serve who I am and who I am becoming.”

While you’re at it, do a “cutting the silver cord” ritual, and a divine white light of protection prayer. Release any and all energy that has violated your space, clearing the way for “only love” to enter. Cutting the Silver Cord and White Light Prayer…

You can purchase all items needed at Kathy Curran’s store in Lakewood, The Goddess Blessed at 15729 Madison Ave.

As always thank you for your continued love & support,

Past Life Regressions, Angel Parties, and Astrology Readings coming soon with my next blog,



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