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Eva Starr’s love for Astrology has been inherent in her since childhood. Born under the Zodiac sign of Cancer, with Aries rising, and Leo Moon, she captures you with her dramatic flair, stimulates you with her wild enthusiasm yet touches your heart with an undeniable warmth. Planetary Pathways columnist for The Journey Magazine, Starr has been studying Astrology since shortly after she learned how to read. Contact her for speaking engagements, and charts at or 440-930-8865. 

    To receive your personalized Numerology for the Year 2018   email me with your birth date and I’ll send a copy to your email.  

Email me your birth data to Get in on the action and if for some reason you’re one of those people who aren’t that interested in love, money & success, your planetary transits will also clue in on the best days to just take it easy, avoid confrontations, or clean the garage.
Natal Birth Chart: Natal Charts describe your Life’s Destiny & Personality traits based on   your birth information providing you with a unique interpretation similar to your fingerprint…no one in the world has one exactly like you. 

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Solar Return: Did you know you could change your future by where you spend your birthday? The Solar Return chart is the “big daddy” of forecasting your birthday cycle & Eva’s most popular chart giving you in-depth details on where the focus is for your birthday cycle. Solar Returns can start activating as early as 3 months prior to the birthday cycle. They make the perfect birthday gift for the person who has everything. Get one for yourself as well as your friends & family.

Personality & Numerology Profile w/ Name, Destiny, & Soul Numbers: Based on your name and your birth info find out if you’re the scientific type or the hopeless romantic? Are you more suited for politics or poetry? Can you stick to the task at hand or do you needconstant stimulation. Based on “25” different categories that you are scored in use this giude to help you determine your life purpose based on how you score.
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I have had other charts done in the past but none as right on as the one I got from Eva Starr. The accuracy simply blew me away. The information was easy to understand…a satisfied customer 🙂 Cynthia Baker, ER Tech, Cleveland, OH

Compatibility Charts: Imagine getting the inside scoop on your partner…or potential partner. Imagine the incredible feeling of confidence understanding your mate’s  idiosyncrasies, understanding their method of communication and how they approach love & romance. All this & more can be yours with the Compatibility Chart a priceless gift.
Email or 440-930-8865 for more info.