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 What Can Astrocartography Do for You:

  • Provide the opportunity to explore a particular area and get a sense of what that may be like for you while gaining insight that could be beneficial in planning a trip or a move.
  • Discover the best places on Planet Earth to pursue your dreams, find spiritual growth, improve health, love and romance, live in prosperity or adventure. 

An individual may be born with certain negative aspects making home life challenging to say the least, by traveling and discovering new, exotic places never conceived of before can bring about a whole new you making life a bowl of cherries instead of the pits. Arnold Schwartzenegger, born in Graz, Austria, became famous and enjoyed artistic and political success in California, where his relocation chart has Jupiter in the 10th house of career, conjunct with the Midheaven.

Astrocartography: A means of finding out how your planetary lines placed on the globe affect your life while sheding light on the most auspicious place for relocating depending on your needs and desires.

Different categories to explore with Astrocartography:

  • Love & Romance ~ looking for your soul mate…take a vacation or move where the heart is
  • Vocation & Career ~ the place on the Planet where your career takes off like a Rocket
  • Friendship & Family ~ here you attract good friends & have a happy family life
  • Imagination & Inspiration ~ your artistic side comes out, you feel inspired & intuition is heightened
  • Excitement & Adventure ~ take a walk on the wild side, lots of unexpected twists
  • Education & Communication ~ feel mentally stimulated, involved in writing, speaking & other media
  • Culture & Creativity ~ culture & creative activities including sports & sciences, progressive atmosphere
  • Optimism & Opportunity ~ outgoing, social, feel optimistic & draw opportunities to you
  • Responsibility & Focus ~ more serious, focused on important issues & meet responsibilities

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