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They are waiting for you…

Growing up I thought everybody could see and hear what I could. It wasn’t until my adult years that I began to realize God gifted me with clairsentience and a razor sharp intuition. I first discovered my own Guardian Angel at an angel workshop I attended at the Association for Research and Enlightenment in Virgina Beach founded by Edgar Cayce in 1931. I also thought everyone knew who Edgar Cayce was, wrong again. I’ve been talking with my angels and other people’s angels probably since before you were born.

One of the most renowned Angel aficionados today is Doreen Virtue. I was blessed to have the honor of doing an exclusive interview with Doreen, who was the headline speaker for The Journey Magazine EXPO in September 2011. Doreen is an absolute delight, If you are not familiar with Doreen or her work you’re missing out on one of life’s joys. To learn a little more about Doreen and get the inside scoop on Doreen’s take on these Heavenly creatures read my Doreen Virtue Interview .

For an Angel Reading (phone or in person) you may contact me at or 440-930-8865. Your Angels would love to hear from you. Angel Parties available upon request.

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