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Eva Starr~Quit ‘Should-ing’ on Yourself

Quit ‘Should-ing’ on Yourself

Starr just released her first book Quit ‘Should-ing’ on Yourself, click on the link below for more info and to order book:

Eva Starr has recently moved back to Ohio after devouring the buffet of wisdom the West Coast had to offer. Starr spent the last nine years in the San Diego area and made the transition back to Cleveland, after the passing of her mother.

Starr will continue her quest for spiritual growth on the shores of Lake Erie and the surrounding area. Starr has been on the path of discovering her soul’s purpose and along the way has picked up many of life’s secrets which she will share with you. She will help you recognize your stumbling blocks, while overcoming your fears and anxieties.

Starr’s workshops and writings will captivate and entertain you. Her unique style, wit and candor inspire and motivate the search for personal fulfillment. Her passion and warmth will touch your soul.

Starr is once again hosting her cable television show Reach for the Moon, airing in Avon Lake, and available through links on her FB page, her blog, and website. Reach for the Moon focuses on Astrology, her first love and metaphysics. Starr has been interviewed on NBC, WEWS, and PBS sharing her passion. She has been published in San Diego Woman Magazine, Vision, Discover, and The Journey. Starr is a certified life coach, astrologer, and author, follow her on FB, and her blog for updates on her upcoming events.


“I do what I do because it resonates with my soul…I

listen to the music of my heart and pick the

instruments which will complete the orchestra.” ~

Eva Starr

It begins with the written word, then the spoken word…

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